CBD and cannabis have many applications. In seemingly unrelated news, the skincare and beauty industries have recently been quite active in launching many new products. However, if you’re paying attention, you’ll see that CBD in particular has taken the beauty industry by storm.

The benefits that cannabis products offer are new and exciting for many health-based reasons. They have a unique place in the new beauty and skincare industries.

CBD and Cannabis Skincare

CBD and cannabis have long been used for many applications in many industries. Among them are construction, paper manufacturing, and yes, skincare and beauty.

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine both have a long recorded history of cannabis applications. Its use has been recorded in Chinese Traditional Medicine for at least 1,800 years. Cannabis leaves, seeds, and roots were used for different medicines for relief from pain and inflammation, and sometimes as a moistening laxative.

Since these traditions also use CBD and cannabis in skincare, this application is definitely not a new phenomenon. However, they have only become mainstream in the global skincare industry again recently. This follows two trends: the growing acceptance of cannabis and CBD for medicinal applications and a growing general interest in natural skincare products.

CBD and cannabis have satisfied several needs in the skincare and beauty industries. You can currently find many types of CBD and cannabis products including:

  • Facial oils
  • Pain relief creams for various areas
  • Body washes
  • Soaps
  • Bath products

Health benefits of CBD and cannabis

CBD and cannabis have several excellent potential health benefits. A lot of research is still underway, but for skin applications, researchers have identified a few common benefits.

CBD is something of a universal substance. It can be used for seemingly anything, including reducing pain, treating anxiety, and even insomnia. Below are some common uses:


CBD in particular is a strong anti-inflammatory. CBD and cannabis contain anti-inflammatory properties that are good for dermatological health.

In skincare products, CBD and cannabis help reduce redness, itchiness, and inflammation of the skin. It can be particularly useful for acne-prone skin. The anti-inflammatory properties typically reduce all symptoms of inflammation and produce obvious results.


CBD and cannabis have antioxidant properties. This means they help protect the skin from free radicals. Over time, this can improve the overall health and appearance of your skin, which should reduce signs of aging and lead to a more youthful appearance.

CBD in particular has been shown to modify the level of oxidant and antioxidant activity. Like other antioxidants, it interrupts free radical chain reactions. This either captures free radicals or at least turns them into less active forms.

These effects are found in CBD-infused facial serums and other products. The products normally mix CBD with other antioxidant ingredients for maximum effect.


CBD and cannabis are well-known for their calming effects. In beauty and skincare applications, they may also have a calming effect on the skin.

This gives CBD and cannabis a strong niche role in the skincare industry. They are excellent ingredients for products intended to reduce the effects of stress-related skin conditions. People can use CBD and cannabis-based products to fight eczema and psoriasis, for example.


CBD and cannabis also have moisturizing effects. They’re often put into moisturizing products alongside other natural moisturizers.

The most common products used for these effects are CBD-infused body lotions and creams. Most of the time, CBD is one active moisturizer alongside other active ingredients. Combine some tested plant-derived moisturizers, a blend of natural oils, and some CBD extract and you have a great natural moisturizer. The addition of CBD simply helps further moisturize while delivering all the other health benefits associated with CBD.

Pain Reduction

Lastly, cannabis and CBD can provide some relief from pain. Pain relief is among the most widely recognized benefits of these products.

In skincare products, the application of cannabis and CBD to affected areas can reduce several types of discomfort. They’re most often applied to sore muscles and joints. For this reason, they’re often used in products meant to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. But there are multiple uses, including both medical and cosmetic purposes.

The Economics of CBD and Cannabis Skincare Products

The global CBD skincare product market was worth $633.6 million in 2018. That’s projected to grow to almost $3.5 billion in 2026. In 2021, the CBD skincare market alone was valued at $1.15 billion. All studies place the industry’s CAGR at over 20%.

No matter what way you look at it, CBD and cannabis beauty and skincare is a fast-growing industry. It’s still a young industry in the modern world’s sense, but it’s one that is set to be among the most fruitful industries of the next decade.

No one can offer any major reason to be pessimistic about the future of CBD and cannabis in skincare (or most other applications, for that matter). Its fundamentals are solid with a uniquely valuable proposition. No skincare ingredient other than CBD and cannabis bring the same range of benefits. CBD and cannabis are growing in popularity and new markets are now being explored. With rapid—and virtually limitless—expansion in the forecast, the prospects for CBD and cannabis for the foreseeable future are bright.

It’s still important to remember that while CBD and cannabis are very old skincare ingredients, they’re still just making a comeback now. A lot of research is still going on, and much more information will be compiled during the next decade. We can’t comment much more on this, but learning more about the benefits of CBD and cannabis is an important economic factor as well. Right now, CBD and cannabis are regarded as effective for treating various skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis, pruritus, and other conditions.

The bottom line

CBD and cannabis are taking the beauty and skincare industries by storm. You couldn’t find these ingredients in any skincare products a couple of decades ago. But now the industry is spreading at over 20% annual growth globally and entering new markets. With hemp’s legalization in the US, investors have flooded the market and nothing but growth has been in the forecast for some time.

Given the long history and recent research into the health benefits of CBD and cannabis, none of this is very surprising. But the current growth of the CBD and cannabis skincare and beauty industry shows that this is definitely what people have wanted.