B2B Marketplace

The Canxchange trading platform has been designed to facilitate
secure and efficient industrial hemp, CBD and medical cannabis
transactions for buyers and sellers. We have built a platform that
offers a structured B2B marketplace with a streamlined and secure
workflow to eliminate disruption and secure risk.

Benefits for buyers
  • Cost effective procurement channel
  • 24/7 access to live EU CMP and GACP inventory
  • Vetted list of suppliers
  • Secure payment solution
  • Product documentation and COAs
  • Direct chat access with seller
  • Logistic support and assistance
  • Unique market data and pricing analysis
  • Live customer support
Benefits for sellers
  • Cost effective sales channel
  • 24/7 access to global buyers market
  • Vetted list of buyers
  • Secure payment solution
  • Inventory management
  • Direct chat access with buyer
  • Logistic support and assistance
  • Unique market data and price analysis
  • Live customer support

Computer Screen

Marketplace Features


CX Dashboard

Market data and pricing for all live products

Product Samples

Samples available for all traded product accompanied by Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Transaction Management

Management tool showcasing your transaction history and activity with our user friendly transaction ledger

Transactions & Negotiations

Negotiation tool for members to bid on pricing and quantity in real time


Email SMS and platform notifications to detail transaction progress and activity

Sales & Purchase Contracts

Legally binding S&P contracts providing security for both parties involved in a transaction

Products Traded on Canxchange

A wide range of industrial hemp, CBD and medical cannabis products are traded via the Canxchange platform.

Our inventory is updated on a daily basis with additional products based on market demand and interest.



CBD Distillate Broad Spectrum (THC Free), CBD Distillate Full Spectrum (THC), CBD Pure Type, CBD Distillate Broad Spectrum (THC Free), CBG Distillate Full Spectrum (THC), CBG Pure Type, CBC Distillate Broad Spectrum (THC Free), CBC Distillate Full Spectrum (THC), CBC Pure Type

Industrial Hemp

CBD Hemp Biomass, CBG Hemp Biomass, Hemp Shives, Hemp Fibres, Hemp Stalks


CBD Oil (Winterised), CBD Oil (Decarboxylated), CBD Oil (Diluted), CBG Oil (Winterised), CBG Oil (Decarboxylated), CBG Oil (Diluted), Hemp Crude Paste


CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, CBN Isolate, CBC Isolate

Medicinal Cannabis

Medical Flowers