As the UK’s CBD market faces the complexities of the Food Standards Agency (FSA)’s novel foods ruling, a new contender emerges: cold-pressed CBD. Could this innovative approach redefine market entry strategies for new CBD products?

Cold-Pressed CBD as a Navigation to the UK’s Novel Foods Challenge

The Food Standards Agency (FSA)’s novel foods regulation was introduced to ensure new foods entering the UK market meet high standards of safety and quality. The regulation classifies foods not commonly consumed in the EU before May 1997 as ‘novel’, including foods and ingredients with new or innovatively used substances. The intent is to protect public health by ensuring these novel foods undergo thorough scientific assessment before they’re sold.

For CBD products, this means companies must demonstrate their products’ safety, nutritional value, and efficacy, which involves rigorous scientific testing and data submission. 

This regulation significantly impacts the CBD market, as it places a substantial burden on manufacturers to provide comprehensive scientific evidence of their product’s safety, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. This has led to innovations in CBD extraction and production methods, like cold-pressed CBD, which potentially offer a more straightforward route to market compliance due to their ‘traditional’ nature of extraction.

Cold-Pressing Technique

Cold-pressed CBD products are made using a mechanical process at low temperatures, which avoids chemical solvents and preserves the natural integrity of cannabinoids. 

Μethod: The process extracts oil from the whole hemp plant, which maintains higher quality as it includes the full spectrum of the plant’s compounds

The FSA has deemed cold-pressed CBD products as non-novel due to their traditional extraction technique. This categorization bypasses the extensive scientific testing and data collection required for novel food applications, as the process is considered more ‘natural’ and less intrusive compared to other extraction methods.

Consumer Perception and Cold-Pressed CBD

Consumer perception is a critical factor in the CBD market, particularly in the context of novel foods regulation and cold-pressed CBD products. Consumers increasingly seek transparency, safety, and efficacy in CBD products. The novel foods regulation aims to ensure safety and quality, reassuring consumers about the products they consume. However, the emergence of cold-pressed CBD presents a challenge in consumer education. While perceived as more natural and potentially safer due to the extraction process, there’s a knowledge gap regarding the differences between cold-pressed and traditionally extracted CBD. This gap could lead to misconceptions about efficacy and quality. Educating consumers about these differences is vital for informed decision-making and maintaining trust in the CBD market. Companies, therefore, need to invest in clear communication strategies to convey the nature and benefits of cold-pressed CBD, aligning with consumer expectations for natural, safe, and effective products.Overcome these challenges through:


  • Education and Transparency: Educate consumers about the extraction process, benefits, and any differences in the quality or efficacy of cold-pressed CBD compared to traditional methods. Clear, accessible information helps in building trust and making informed choices.
  • Marketing and Communication: Utilize effective marketing strategies to communicate the ‘natural’ aspect of cold-pressed CBD while being transparent about its cannabinoid content and potential benefits.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement stringent quality control measures and provide third-party lab test results to consumers, ensuring that the products meet high safety and efficacy standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that all products comply with existing regulations, and communicate this compliance to consumers to build confidence in the product’s safety and legality.


We Can Help

Despite these challenges, cold-pressed CBD offers a cost-effective, regulatory-compliant route for companies, especially small-scale manufacturers facing high barriers in novel food authorization.

CanXChange supports businesses in adapting to these evolving regulations. The platform offers insights and consultancy, helping companies align their products with legal standards and consumer expectations, focusing on both innovation and compliance.


The UK’s CBD market is at a crossroads with novel foods regulation. Cold-pressed CBD presents an intriguing option, but its compliance with FSA standards remains a topic of debate. In these uncertain times, CanXChange provides the guidance and support businesses need to navigate these regulatory waters successfully.

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